26 mars 2007

Wednesday, March 28th 2007


I woke up at 6:45 am and ate my English breakfast at 7.00 o’clock. It was 8 o’clock when all the group met at the usual meeting point, then we went to a bus station and took the bus for a very popular London tour and we saw all the monuments and Buckingham Palace. I was excited during this trip and my friends too. I was very impressed by Buckingham palace which is a massive castle like Versailles. The traffic in Londonwas not as important as in Paris. During the trip we sat on the second floor of a typical London bus where there was a strong wind. The weather was sunny and the temperature was 18 degrees. In the bus a woman gave us all the information about the monuments. At noon we sat along the Thames and ate our packed lunch.

London_March_2007_176Then we went on a boat and enjoyed a mini tour during half an hour. Next to Tower Bridge, there was a souvenirs shop but it was too expensive for me so I didn’t buy anything. In the evening we all went back to our families'. I was so tired that after dinner I went to my bedroom and slept immediately. dormir4


                                                                       Alexandra R.

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